Corporate Event

PD&O is focused on creating highly branded, temporary environments in the most challenging venues. From aircraft carriers to hotels, from event tents to restaurants, we work with key venue personnel and your team to determine the best options to enhance and, in many cases, transform the space to suit your needs.

PD&O is your „one-stop-shop-vendor“. That means that we are taking care of all the planning stages regarding your corporate event:

1st Stage - „the Pre-Show“

Site evaluation and the RFP vetting
Accurate floor plans and photo-realistic renderings of the venue to visualize the event area (3D-consulting, 3D-implementation)
The creation of the artwork for the corporate event
The elaboration of the catering and event staging services
The creation of an online event marketing platform that integrates tools, such as a customisable event website, an email marketing tool that is branded to match the website and a robust event database reporting tool
The implementation of our online event registration, invitations and follow up tracking software

2nd Stage - „the Event“

The production of the graphic and branding material
Transportation and hotel arrangements
State oft he art multimedia equipment
Entertainment and photography
Interactive engagement displays and game-style experiences
On-site guest registration
the Post-Show-Workout - with our online event marketing tools we are able to provide you with post-event analytics to measure your inevitable success

At PD&O, we offer turnkey services, bringing together the perfect, highly skilled professional team required to take your project from concept through design development and fabrication to installation and maintenance.